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Our coffee & cookies

  Bravos Coffee

Our coffee beans are hand-picked for you, carefully selected and cultivated and roasted according to art.

  • Sweet, dark chocolate, low acidity
  • Brasil, Costa Rica, Congo, Ethiopia
  • Medium roasted beans
  • Fair Coffee Trade
  • 350g ground coffee or 1 Kg coffee beans

  Bravos Decaf Coffee

To obtain our exquisite caffeiine free coffee, Bravos Decaf, we decaffeinate our beans in a gentle way

  • Sweet, dark chocolate, low acidity
  • Brasil, Guatemala
  •   Medium roasted beans
  • Fair Coffee trade
  • 350g ground coffee or 1 kg coffee beans

  Bravos cookies

We are delighted to offer you delectable traditional cookies with real butter. This cookie turns each Bravos coffee moment into heavenly tasting experience.

  •  wrapped individully

  Bravos cup, milk cups & sugar

Each coffee lover has the option to supplement his of her coffee moment with balanced coffee milk in cups and Bravos sugar sticks.

  Bravos tea selection
  • • ENGLISH BREAKFAST: Tea of different origin, perfect harmony.
  • • TOUAREG TEA: Marrakesh mint tea with gunpowder and candy sugar.
  • • FRUIT BANG: An explosion of taste! Apple, lemongrass, orange and strawberry.
  • • TISANE MIX CARELESS: This spice mix has a "carefree" ompact thanks to the combination of lime, chamomile, apple, fennel, orange and liquorice.
  • . YUNNAN GREEN TEA: Loose-leaf green tea
  • Loose tea packed per 200g

  Bravos Cup

Our service & coffee machines

  Professional coffee machines

We offer professional coffee machines fully adapted to your needs and wishes.

  • • Professional machines
  • • A wide choice of functionalities
  • • Whith the right service tailored to your business
  • • Renting, leasing or buying

Interested? Tell us what you are looking for.

  Coffee machine 'JURA' for your home

If you would like to enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee at home, you are making the perfect choice by opting for the professional JURA coffee machine.

  • • A variety of coffees: espresso, cappuccino, caffé latté...
  • • Advice and demonstration in our sales points
  • • Coffee machine to purchase

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